First Year Geography Projects

.Congratulations and well done to all the first year Geography students who made some fantastic models depicting physical landforms and economic activities.
Models from a wide range of geographical concepts were constructed from volcanoes, earthquake activities, flood plains with levees, waterfalls, farming activities, platectonics etc. This was an invaluable learning experience for the students putting Kinesthetic learning into action. well done to all who participated. Ms O’ Reilly and Ms. Chambers were so proud of you for your dedication and commitment to the subject of geography.

TY Drama Success

St Brogan’s budding actors recently strutted their stuff at the Briery Gap Theatre in Macroom at the preliminary rounds of the All Ireland Transition year Drama Festival. Actors James Joyce, Cillian Lyne, Stephen Casey and Shauna Corcoran performed the first scene of ‘The Lonesome West’ by Martin McDonagh. We are delighted to announce that they got through to the finals.


TY Trip to Cappnalea

On the 23rd of January 2014 at 7:30 am transition year students of St. Brogans College Bandon gathered outside the school gates with our bags packed as we eagerly waited for the bus to take us to Cappnalea, Co.Kerry for our transition year trip. We were all very excited and looking forward to all the activities we would take part in. We left the school gates at about 7:40 am and arrived in Cappnalea near Killorglin at 9.00 o’clock. When we got there we changed into old clothes as we were going straight to our activities. Firstly we were split into two groups, one group went rock climbing and abseiling and the other group went orientating. I went orientating first and found it very enjoyable as we were running around bogs, getting destroyed in dirt and mud. It was soon time for lunch and we were starving!  After lunch both groups swapped around, we went rock climbing and abseiling which I was very nervous about but at the same time very much looking forward to it. We were rock climbing and abseiling off the edge of a cliff which was daunting but we were assured that we would be safe.  We did both the abseiling and the rock climbing, and after we headed back and had dinner. After dinner we went out at eight o clock and did a man hunt in the trees, bushes and bog. It was great fun and was probably the highlight of the trip. We enjoyed the rest of the night playing games inside.

 The following morning after breakfast we went kayaking which we were all looking forward too. We got into our wetsuits and headed out onto the lake, there were a few mishaps with a few people with their kayaks but nothing to serious! Although it was raining and we were all frozen, it failed to dampen our spirits. After kayaking we headed back to the centre, had a shower and went for lunch.  Before we knew it, it was time to head back home. We were sad to be leaving after a wonderful two days in Cappnalea. Everyone agreed it was a fantastic trip.

By: Joseph Forbes

Drop Everything and Read

On Thursday the 7th of February all first and second year students took part in a JSCP initiative called Drop Everything and Read. Students took 10 minutes off their usual class time to stop, read and relax. The initiative will continue for the next three weeks. Well done to all involved.

TY Biology Blog

Today in Biology class we dissected a lamb’s heart. The class started off by Mrs McRann handing out a heart to each group. Our first task was to distinguish the right from the left side of the heart. The left side was much tougher, as a result it was not difficult to discover the left from right side of the heart. We then cut the heart’s left atrium and ventricle. Once the heart was opened we saw the bicuspid valve. This was very interesting. Mrs McRann said we had dissected the heart perfectly to identify the parts. The doctor with the Heart Aid Company who is currently in our school listens to our heart beats. It should give a lub sound, which is the sound of the bicuspid valves along with the tricuspid valves closing. A dub sound is due to the semi lunar valves being forced shut, he can know if somebody has a leaky valve by listening to this.

After fully dissecting the heart we moved onto the lungs. Mrs McRann brought in two specimens of lungs and heart attached with the trachea. Tomas Sweetnam, a classmate of mine then placed a tube on the end of the trachea and blew down the tube which inflated the lungs. He continued this process and it was amazing to see how the lungs expanded and contracted again and again. Overall the class was very factual and it was a great experience to discover the location of all the parts of the lungs and heart, we learned how doctors operate on a human heart. We saw where the pacemakers are placed on the right of the heart and also in the middle to control the heart and prevent heart attacks. I really enjoyed the class experiment and I look forward to our next biology experiment with my class and Mrs McRann, where we will learn more about how parts of the human body work and what they consist of.

Warning: The pictures below are not for the faint hearted!! 

By: James McCarthy

Cork Chamber Science Competition 2013


On the 15th of November 2013 Kellie Keohane and I participated in the ‘Cork Chamber Science Competition.’ It was held in Cork’s Institute of Technology. Our project was called The Colourful Big Bang. The project was a study of the physics of launching fireworks as well as the chemistry behind the wonderful bright colours and loud explosions.  On the day we were awarded a creditable second place. For our project we got a firework, split it open and looked at all the chemicals present in fireworks. We separated each chemical and burned it over the Bunsen burner. We then researched the history of each chemical along with names and information about the chemicals, colours and types of fireworks. Our project included making a video of different flame tests as well as interviewing a member of an Garda Siochána regarding the law on fireworks.  

It was very interesting, I found out a lot about fireworks that I did not know beforehand. On the day we had to give a presentation to the judge about our project. It was hard work but well worth it.Thanks to Mr Connern who helped us with our project.

By: Mark Shorten, Brigids 2


Senior Footballers Set For Final

Our senior footballers reached the Cork final today following a hard fought win over Millstreet. With a number of regulars unable to start due to injury this game provided others a chance to prove their worth, and prove it they did.  A half time deficit of 2 points was transformed into a 10 point winning margin thanks to excellent teamwork and a determined attitude.
Sean Allen was man of the match from corner back and was ably assist by our President Mr Niles. Aidan Donoghue’s display at midfield was noteworthy following his return to fitness.
Up front our goal scorers were Anthony Moynihan and John O’Sullivan , while Gavin Shiels finished a Lee O’Donovan pass to the net late on.
Next up for our gallant warriors is the County hurling Final in Nemo Rangers @12:30 on Tuesday next. A win in that one would help focus our minds on the football final in the New Year. Cómhghairdeas  a bhuachailí.

senior footballlers